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Video: Pro Skater Eli Reed x Playboy “Lost Paradise” Short Film

We recently saw trials biker Danny MacAskill riding his bike through the Playboy Mansion and busting tricks, but now pro skater Eli Reed does something similar.  As you’d expect, there’s girls everywhere as Eli does his thing throughout the landscape.

Video: NBA 2K15 ‘Yakkem’ Trailer

What did we learn about this year’s version of NBA 2K based on this new trailer?  Well, the version for the new consoles will bring back mascots and dancers, which were oddly absent in last year’s next-gen version of 2K14.  Ernie and Shaq providing halftime studio updates is a nice change from the voice-only updates we’ve had for years.  Other than that, it looks like the typical 2K trailer experience with a bunch of dunks.

The game drops on October 7th.  Pre-orders available.

Video: Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff perform “Summertime”

This is something we haven’t seen in a long time: Will Smith performing one of his record classics in front of a crowd.  While attending a pool party in Vegas this past week where Jeff was DJ’ing, Will got a crazy ovation when he hit the stage.  After a little talking and commenting on the weather (which probably was just a cover to buy time so Jeff could find “Summertime” to play), Will took off his shirt and went in.

Gotta shed a tear for the nostalgia.  Summer is almost over, guys.  Better enjoy it while you still can.

Video: Madden NFL 15: Madden Season (starring Kevin Hart and Dave Franco)

As the NFL preseason rolls on and Madden NFL 15’s release draws closer, EA Sports unleashes an ad which proves to be one of the week’s best highlights (especially in what will end up being one of the gloomiest weeks of the year).

Comedy ‘it’ guy Kevin Hart links up with James Franco’s younger brother for what proves to be an incredible must-see video.

'Dat Madden' drops on August 26th.  You can preorder now on Amazon, as well as the upcoming Xbox One x Madden NFL 15 Bundle.

Video: Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Trailer #1

HBO has been showing teasers and clips of S5 over the past couple of months, but now they’ve up’d the first official trailer for the final season of one of TV’s best shows.

We’ve got to start preparing to say our goodbyes on September 7th.  We hope the season won’t be as bad as the recent final seasons of other beloved shows.

Video: The Mannings become rappers for DirecTV ad

Caucasians doing rap isn’t new but it shouldn’t be confused with “the art of Caucasians pretending to be rappers,” which is experiencing something of a resurgence lately with promos from several companies.  With NFL preseason going on and the regular season weeks away, DirecTV enlists the aid of both Peyton Manning and Eli Manning for a music video-slash-promo-slash-guaranteed viral hit.

Expect to hear a lot about this over the course of the week.

Video: Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” BTS Vlog

Nicki’s had unexpected (well, maybe a little expected) buzz popping for her “Anaconda” single ever since that now-legendary cover art was revealed (and became a artsy meme along the way).  With the single now out, eyes are anticipating the video.  Her latest vlog provides a look into it, as well a snippet she posted on Instagram.

You can purchase “Anaconda” on:

Meanwhile, her new album The Pink Print doesn’t have a release date but it’s coming soon.

Video: Herschel Supply Fall 2014 Lookbook

Herschel Supply presents a look at their latest seasonal offerings in a calmly video.  It’s warm, inviting, and very “Fall” like in anticipation of the season.

Peep the photos for the new collection and be sure to check out their online shop.

The song is “Dromtorp” by Plastic Mermaids.

Video: Rita Ora x adidas Originals #unstoppable Teaser

Rita’s collaboration with adidas is finally heading towards release this month, after being known about for quite some time.  Above is an artsy but super-short teaser of what’s to come in two weeks.

Be sure to keep tabs on

Video: Full Court Press Vol. 1 Teaser

The presumably incredibly terrible rap album featuring NBA players has disappeared and reappeared off radars consistently since 2012, but it looks like it FINALLY might be coming out this time.  Maybe.  They even have a new slogan for the project: “Hip-Hop Music That Scores.”  Really?

Compared to the original trailer, some of the NBA players involved back then are still in.  But there’s still no release date.

If it’s taking this long for Vol 1 to drop, just imagine what Vol 2 will be like.  Maybe they can get LeBron and KD for that one considering the freestyles they’ve released in recent years.