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Video: Halo Nightfall First Look

The live-action TV series based on Halo still lives, even though Microsoft recently shut down their Xbox Entertainment Studios division.  

They now offer the first look at Halo: Nightfall, which takes place between Halo 4 and the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians.  The show will introduce us to new characters such as Jameson Locke, who’s a "legendary manhunter and agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Earth’s most powerful and secretive military branch."  

Be sure to keep tabs on it until its premiere in November.

Video: Tekken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge Trailer

You probably never knew about the first live-action Tekken movie that released back in 2010, though no one would blame you.  It took four years but I guess somebody decided it deserved a sequel.  So, here we are.

If your interest is piqued at all, check out Trailer #2 (non-HD).  There’s really not much info on the film except that it’s in development and features a couple recognizable actors, such as Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (played Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat).

Video: Stance Fall 2014 Collection

Stance has remained a staple for sock lovers, helping turn a once overlooked part of fashion into a trendy niche.  Their latest lookbook video for their Fall 2014 Collection is pretty mellow, with a bit of retro vibes and old school aesthetic blended in (gotta love the shot of the vinyl collection).

Check out all of Stance’s latest offerings on their website.

Video: “SVDDXNLY” (A$AP Rocky Documentary) Trailer

Noisey presents to trailer to a full-length documentary starring A$AP Rocky’s ascension in music.  The film will feature home videos and new footage from Rocky’s past, including interviews with friends and family.  Definitely will be a must-see for A$AP fans worldwide.  Cameos include Drake, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg and other artists that Rocky has worked or toured with in the past few years during his rise.

No exact drop date is known, but the full-length documentary will be available on Noisey’s Youtube channel within the coming weeks.

Apps: What’s new in Twitch for Android 3.0

Twitch, the game streaming site recently bought by Youtube, finally released their long awaited overhaul of their Android experience, and it’s pretty impressive.  I spent a chunk of last night testing it out and comparing it to my previous fave Twitch client Gameplay Alert.

I flipped back and forth between Twitch and Gameplay Alert while watching the same stream on both.  The Twitch app’s video quality is superior/smoother and is the closest thing to watching via desktop/laptop.  Twitch’s new UI gives it some of the things I liked about Gameplay Alert, and the only thing I can think of wanting still is GA’s ability to ‘track’ specific games.  GA also has better options for showing a stream’s chat, but I imagine that will come to the native app eventually.  Everything else is there for the new Twitch app: seeing streams you’re following, find popular games or users, changing the video quality of streams, much better experience on tablets, and others.  Overall, it’s a much better app now and will only get better.

If you weren’t a fan of the native app, like I and many others weren’t, than give it another try.

Video: The Expendables 3 Featurette

Check out this short featurette of Expendables 3, with some bts clips mixed in with action scenes from the upcoming movie.

Though it’s the first film in the series to not be rated R, the excitement is still real for the upcoming summer sequel loaded with action movie icons.  One could make the argument that July has been pretty dry for summer blockbusters, with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes being the headliner.  So it’s nice that Expendables 3 along with a few other releases will get things back on track in August.

Look for it in theaters on August 15th.

Video: Tekken 7 Announcement Trailer

Nerdgasm on deck.  Despite earlier leaks in the day, Tekken 7 has now been “officially” revealed with more info coming soon at Comic-Con San Diego later this month.

"The Final Battle" is kinda saddening.  Then again, Namco pulled the same thing with early Soul Calibur IV trailers, making it seem as though it would be the last game.

All in all, fighting game players have Mortal Kombat X and now this to look forward to presumably in 2015.

Video: How Zoo Jeans makes their authentic worn denim

Japanese brand Zoo Jeans throws their denim to lions and tigers, letting them have fun with it with their claws and teeth.  The finished result is the worn and torn denim they sell.  They might be pulling legs here, but they probably aren’t.

Some of their denim models also specifically say “Designed by” lions, tigers or bears, as seen in the video.  Pretty unique concept.

Video: Kevin Durant “The Baddest” (Nike Commercial)

The Year of KD is in full swing.  He’s the reigning MVP, he’s on the cover of 2K15, and the Thunder are looking to push through and be a bigger force next season with rumors of possible free agent pickups.

As they usually do, Nike released a random but appreciated short flick for one of their star athletes.  This time Durant gets the nod, with George Gervin, Chris Mullin, assorted attractive females, barbershop customers and fans bragging about how dominate Durant is.

Video: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer #3

I’m still a bit shaky on what to expect from this upcoming Summer flick, but we now have a better look (and listen) of all four turtles.  Shredder is throwing me off a bit, but I’m actually feeling the revamp.  Oh and, of course you can’t have a trailer of a Michael Bay film without a glimpse at the explosions to come.

Hits theaters on August 8th.