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Video: The Foodchain: The EPK (Re-Introduction)

I get questions sometimes about who I’m listening to these days.  One answer would be The Foodchain, who coincidentally dropped this ‘re-introduction’ video recently. 

Check out past posts about them, especially the “BBQ Bitches” video.  That was probably one of my fave songs from last year.

  • The Foodchain “Because of This”

    Catching up on the crew’s Summer Series of song releases, I found this dope gem from August.  Peep this and more on their Soundcloud.

Video: The Foodchain “BBQ Bitches”

The track name threw me off for a sec but I’m absolutely with the beat + flows.  Check out more music from The Foodchain on Soundcloud.

  • The Foodchain “Traction” (feat Kenton Dunson) - Kenton Dunson collabs with Denver collective The Foodchain for a track off of their upcoming project, ‘Brunch.’  They’ve previously done collabs with Talib Kweli, Rapper Big Pooh and Joe Scudda, and they definitely bring that no-gimmicks sound that many can enjoy.  Purchase ‘Brunch’ on Nov 11th.