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Video: Watch_Dogs “Welcome To Chicago” Trailer

Watch_Dogs was supposed to be one of the last big games of 2013 before its delay.  Now that it’s inching closer to its May 27th release, the hype is building back up significantly.  This new trailer gives a look at the game’s open world environment and what awaits in Chicago.

Video: "The Division" Snowdrop Engine Demo (GDC 2014)

As part of last week’s GDC event, devs from Massive Entertainment showed off their work with the Snowdrop engine, the backbone of their upcoming next gen/PC title Tom Clancy’s The Division.  It’s looking great, though one can imagine it won’t look THAT great on consoles (see recent graphic downgrade controversies with other games).

No concrete release date has been outted for the game other than Fall 2014 to early 2015.

Video: 16-Bit Titanfall

Dope video created by Majami Hiroz, who has a history of creating 8-Bit and 16-Bit trailers of your favorite games.

I went around searching for the music.  It’s made by Zonic Zynth and it’s on his Bandcamp page.

Video: The Last of Us: Left Behind Reveal Trailer

Now that the PS4 is out, that doesn’t mean the PS3 is suddenly dead.  Naughty Dog and Sony earlier tonight teased the upcoming DLC for their much-acclaimed release, The Last Of Us.  You can actually pre-order the new single campaign starting on November 19th via the Playstation Store.

Video: NBA Live ‘14 Next Gen Trailer

For the sake of not being biased for 2K like I have been for over a decade, I decided to wait and see what EA Sports could deliver now that they finally have their own sim on its feet again.  I mean, let’s think of the big picture: they haven’t released a pro b-ball sim since 2009 and Live is only for next gen consoles.  They had years to remake and reimagine their franchise.  It had to be good this time, right?  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, you can see for yourselves above.

Video: NBA 2K14 Next Gen ‘OMG’ Trailer

Besides the pre-alpha footage at E3 and the small tidbits in the launch trailer, next gen footage has been scarce.  This is the most solid example so far of what the game looks like on next gen consoles.  Excited?

NBA 2K14 TV Spot (Video)

It isn’t quite as memorable as hearing “The Dynasty” last year in 2K13’s commercial, but 2K brought back KRS-One’s “Step Into A World” for this year’s TV spot.  Unfortunately that means you can expect to see a lot of kids on Youtube flooding comments of the video saying “NBA 2K14!!” or “2K brought me here.”  Blah.

This is also the first next-gen footage we’ve seen since that pre-alpha teaser at E3.  Real LeBron switches back and forth to Next-Gen LeBron, so you’ll have to keep a real close eye at seeing the difference. 

2K14 drops this week on October 1st.  This week is also the beginning of training camp.  B-ball is back.

Blogs To Check Out: GTAV Photos By GreyhoundGlitch

Grand Theft Auto V’s visuals and in-game camera are so good that blogs (and Flickr groups too!) have been popping up to showcase people’s travels through Los Santos.  GreyhoundGlitch named his LS portfolio after the Vinewood Zombie fictional movie character in GTAV (who you’ll also meet in Downtown Vinewood if you keep your eyes open), and so far he has a pretty extensive and eye-catching collection of snaps he’s made.

Check out his GTAV photo blog over on

NBA 2K14 “Path To Greatness” Mode Preview (Video)

Ryan from IGN gives a preview of the Path To Greatness mode in the upcoming NBA 2K14, which allows you to create LeBron’s future by either staying in Miami and creating a dynasty or going on a hypothetical “fantastic journey” that let’s you play as him on another team if he chooses to leave via free agency next Summer.

The NBA is back, as Media Day kicks off in two weeks along with Training Camp for teams playing international exhibitions.  NBA 2K14 drops on October 1st.

[Via IGN]

Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo (Video)

A lot of people still have reservations on if Watch Dogs is really going to be a big deal.  In this 14 minute demo, you’ll get to see a lot of things about the in-game features and some of the cause for the anticipation.  It truly is a hacker version of GTA, but without relying on just guns and armor.

Out on November 19th.