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Apps: SeriesGuide

Though boasting a few million users already, there’s always bound to be a few folks not in-the-know.  If you’re like many TV watchers, you might find it hard to keep up with all your favorite shows currently running or interesting shows you want to track.

The Android-only app helps you track eps of all your shows, set favorites, set reminders for when your shows are about to air, and get info ahead of time about the airdate for a season premiere or if the show has ended its run.  Episodes are also in a checklist, so you know which eps/seasons you’ve seen and which you still need to catch up on.

Definitely a must-have app for TV watchers.

Download/Install:  Google Play

Note: Some features are unlocked with the app’s X Pass.

GTAV iFruit App Now Available For Android

If there was anything Rockstar took major Ls for during Grand Theft Auto V's launch, it was the iFruit app. 

The companion app allows you to train Chop and increase his usefulness (such as helping you find collectibles), plus it also allows players to register their own custom license plates.  The app has been up on iTunes for iOS devices since the day before the game launched, but Rockstar decided to finally (and kinda silently) release it for Android after over a month of waiting.

There are still more Ls here though:  Rockstar is usually bad when it comes to mobile compatibility with Android, so only a handful of phones will even be able to use the app.

Download/Install: Google Play

Good luck to the Windows Phone 8 users who are still waiting.

Video: Instagram Introduces Video

Remember when Formspring was a thing and suffered a huge blow when Tumblr added the Ask feature for blogs?  Well, this is kind of like that.  Vine’s soaring popularity is about to take a big hit now that instagram has introduced its own video option, allowing clips that are more than double the time duration from Vine currently.

Note:  While the updated Instagram is available now on both iTunes and Google Play, video so far is only supported on Android devices running Jellybean 4.1+.

Apps: Vine For Android

Over the past month or so, Vine has exploded to the point we’ve been seeing links to Vine videos in every other post on social media.  It’s been a steady buildup for the app which debuted just in January.  And now, it has arrived for Android.  You too can now make semi-creative 6-second videos, folks.

Install:  Google Play

Edit:  It appears the Twitter api crashed and the site has been having problems.  Blame Vine?

The New Flickr

Big things went down with Flickr this week, which some believe is going to re-spark the site’s popularity.  

The site got an aesthetic overhaul and everything is bigger: profiles now have the option for cover photos, your images look nice together in a big mosaic view, and even your avatar is much bigger.  To cap off this new all-HD era of Flickr, the site gives everybody 1 TB of storage for their photos.  Yes, 1 Terabyte per account.

But that isn’t all.  The Flickr app finally got revamped too, and matches the mosaic style of the new site.  It’s more functional and eye-catching, and so far many seem to really like it.

Check out the app now on iTunes or Google Play.

Apps: Twitch For Xbox 360

Recently I’ve begun to love the idea of watching others play games rather than playing them myself.  It’s cool if you just want to see new games played through to the ending(s), but there’s also the potential amazement of watching someone beast at a game in ways you didn’t think possible.

Enter Twitch, which is a video game broadcasting (live streaming gameplay) and chat community.  They used to do stuff like this on Justin.TV all the time, before the co-founders branched out and created Twitch.TV as a result.  Apps for Twitch have been on Google Play and iTunes for a minute, but this week an app hit the Xbox 360 as well.

Check it out now in the Apps section of the dashboard.

Apps: Tumblr For Windows Phone

Tumblr staff has unleashed the native app for Windows Phone users:

Tumblr for Windows Phone has arrived!

  • Find and follow the things you love
  • Share photos, gifs, video, quotes, chats, links, and text
  • Jump between your dashboard and Explore with just one swipe
  • Display the latest images from your dashboard on your lock screen and live tile
  • GIFs play as you scroll

Get the app

Apps: GifBoom

2012 saw the rapid growth of another fun photo-sharing app: GifBoom.  The app, as the name suggests, allows you to create gifs using your phone’s camera and then share them to other networks like Twitter and Facebook.  GifBoom by itself is a growing social network, but viral sharing has given it a boost in notoriety in the past few months (just like Instagram).  It also allows you to add effects/filters to spice up your creations.

Last Summer when I first tried the app, it was mostly popular with kids and teens.  However the company has been reaching other demographics lately, gaining users such as model Ashley Sky.

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Google Scan And Match Service

Google Music has come a long way since it launched last year.  Despite allowing you to upload up to 20,000 songs and stream them anywhere from the cloud, uploading was the only way to actually get your library on the service.  I’ve uploaded 10,000 songs twice so I know how long it can take.  But thankfully, they’re doing something about it.

Google’s new Scan & Match service, which launched on Tuesday, will scour through a user’s offline library and automatically adds songs/albums if they match media that is already available in the Play Store.  Apple and Amazon have both had similar services for awhile, and while Apple’s has an annual fee of $25, Google’s will be totally free.  Will be interesting to see this rollout and improve over time.

[Via Android Police and HuffingtonPost]

Apps: Tumblr For Android Tablets

After getting a tablet weeks back, the first things I noticed was that some apps were not optimized to use all the extra screen space or many weren’t available for tablets at all.  At least today Tumblr gives us something to be happy about:


Exciting news — Tumblr for Android is now available for your Android tablet!