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LEGO ‘The Dark Knight’ Tumbler

This week, Comic-Con: San Diego is once again upon us, and at the event, LEGO plans to unveil a LEGO version of the Tumbler, Batman’s modern and uber-intimidating Batmobile from the Dark Knight trilogy.  At 15” tall and 9” wide, this will almost assuredly be a hot pickup for Batman fanatics or just LEGO collectors in general.  Features include an armored exterior, adjustable wings, a detailed interior, and a fact sheet about the movie version of the vehicle.  Mini figures of Batman and the Joker are also in play as part of this special LEGO series.

The LEGO Dark Knight series will be available in September in stores and on LEGO.com.

Via: High Snobiety

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Official Issue XO 2014 Ladies Summer Collection (Drop 2)

Photographer Nick Ramirez did his usual m.o. by working with hot models for a shoot, but this time it was for The Weeknd's Official Issue XO brand.  The second drop for Summer features a collection for the ladies, with bodysuits, tank tops, crop tees, sports bras and leggings among the selections.

Items are available now on the brand’s online store.

Video: Tekken 7 Announcement Trailer

Nerdgasm on deck.  Despite earlier leaks in the day, Tekken 7 has now been “officially” revealed with more info coming soon at Comic-Con San Diego later this month.

"The Final Battle" is kinda saddening.  Then again, Namco pulled the same thing with early Soul Calibur IV trailers, making it seem as though it would be the last game.

All in all, fighting game players have Mortal Kombat X and now this to look forward to presumably in 2015.

Germany beats Argentina, wins World Cup

Considered one of the best World Cup competitions ever, this year’s event sparked massive interest and viewership from plenty of non fans and will be remembered for quite some time.  But after the dust cleared, Germany was the victor after their complete destruction of Brazil days earlier in the semi-final and now a 1-0 victory over Argentina in the final.

So, what’s next?  Well, basketball fans have the FIBA Basketball World Cup to look for forward to in late August.  And Brazil will look for some redemption when they host the Olympics in Rio in a couple of years.

Photo cred: Hassan Ammar

LeBron James rejoins the Cavaliers

There wasn’t a TV special this time.  LeBron has always cared what people thought about him, even if he said he didn’t.  So this time he released a lengthy statement via Sports Illustrated explaining his choice to rejoin the Cavaliers, giving up the super team dream he established in Miami to return to Cleveland.

For all those that hate the guy and think he only cares about himself, in the end all he wanted to do was win, and once he felt he did that enough somewhere else, he felt it was time to return home and try to bring back success to the place that he started his career with.  Though he does have realistic expectations and knows his patience will be tested with a young team, as he stated.  It will be interesting to see how that team evolves.

Four years ago, he was willing to give up public adoration to be part of a dominant force.  Now he’s willing to give that up in order to win back the fans that burned his jersey.  LeBron James is definitely a puzzle that people haven’t quite figured out.

Video: How Zoo Jeans makes their authentic worn denim

Japanese brand Zoo Jeans throws their denim to lions and tigers, letting them have fun with it with their claws and teeth.  The finished result is the worn and torn denim they sell.  They might be pulling legs here, but they probably aren’t.

Some of their denim models also specifically say “Designed by” lions, tigers or bears, as seen in the video.  Pretty unique concept.

Video: Kevin Durant “The Baddest” (Nike Commercial)

The Year of KD is in full swing.  He’s the reigning MVP, he’s on the cover of 2K15, and the Thunder are looking to push through and be a bigger force next season with rumors of possible free agent pickups.

As they usually do, Nike released a random but appreciated short flick for one of their star athletes.  This time Durant gets the nod, with George Gervin, Chris Mullin, assorted attractive females, barbershop customers and fans bragging about how dominate Durant is.

Ace of LA “Secrets” Tee, feat. Brittany Dailey

Its been awhile since we’ve seen Brittany Dailey on a new shirt.  She used to primarily do work with Two In The Shirt for that, but they seem to have died over the past year with their former founder/owner moving on to other things.  Luckily, photographer Ace of LA scooped her for this new tee.

You can buy it exclusively on Zumiez.com.

Video: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer #3

I’m still a bit shaky on what to expect from this upcoming Summer flick, but we now have a better look (and listen) of all four turtles.  Shredder is throwing me off a bit, but I’m actually feeling the revamp.  Oh and, of course you can’t have a trailer of a Michael Bay film without a glimpse at the explosions to come.

Hits theaters on August 8th.

Video: Entree LS Fall ‘14 Preview

Once folks begin to get sick of the heat, we can look forward to the real highlight of the year: Fall.  Brooklyn-based brand Entree LS has a few new  capsule collections for Summer out, but they’ve also gone ahead and dropped a taste of things to come for the season that follows.

Check out their newest collections over on their website.